Honeymoon Infidelity

While I was coming of age, I had a huge crush on a girl from my neighborhood. But, after several attempts to win her over, frustration finally got the better of me. I gave up on her, but never forgot her. Fast forward ten years. After having lived out of state for nine years, I returned to my neighborhood with my new bride for a second reception. My wedding took place on the opposite coast, and a lot of friends and family could not attend the wedding or first reception. After three days of celebration and travel, my new bride excused herself from the reception to catch a power nap. It was during her nap that my childhood crush shows up. We were both very intoxicated (no excuse, just giving facts). I guess she was into married guys, because the next thing I know, she's pulling me into a store room where we had passionate, albeit drunken, sex. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, at that time, she was married to an old friend of mine and had a young child.

— Art, 50

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