Amazed By The Sensations

Back in the 80's, when we started dating, my girlfriend was so shy. She didn't want me to know she wanted to be touched. One day, she pretended being asleep when I slid my hand under her skirt as we watched TV. I got to her panties and felt her pubis hair for the first time. Since she didn't say a word and kept her eyes closed, I dared to go further. I laid her down in the couch and caressed her with one hand as I manually pleased her with the other. I knew she was not asleep, but I didn't want to unveil her "secret". When I couldn't stand it any more, I left her alone and went to masturbate in the bathroom. When I was back, she told me she had dreamed about me. After doing it again a couple of times, she ended up confessing she really liked it being passive as I touched her. At that time, she didn't like to talk as I caressed her. She was probably amazed by the sensations. Nowadays, she likes to talk about everything as I please her.

— Claude, 42

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