Afternoon Rendezvous

When I first got married, I was attracted to my mother-in-law. We would go to a nearby water park with my wife and father-in-law a lot. She had a great body for being forty-five, and I usually would sneak a peak and fantasize. One afternoon, I stopped over to drop off some stuff I'd borrowed. It was about ninety-five degrees. As I was unloading my truck, she offered a glass of lemonade. I was shirtless and thankful for the invite into the house. When I got inside, she poured me a glass of lemonade, and I strolled out into the kitchen. She dropped her clothes off, put the lemonade between her breasts, and said, "Come and get it." I immediately started oral sex on her and ended up doing her. It was some of the best sex I'd ever had, and it continued for about an hour. We still occasionally meet for our afternoon rendezvous, and I'm pretty sure she's told my wife. However, my wife doesn't seem to mind, and it just seems to have made our family closer.

— Trey, 26

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