A Sexless Marriage

My wife and I have been married for thirteen years and have two sons, ages twelve and ten. A few months after our second son was born, my wife informed me that she no longer required or wanted sex. It came as a complete surprise because our sex life had been active and, I thought, very enjoyable. My wife is also very desirable. Even for the sake of the children, I wasn't sure I could stay with her and not have physical contact. I also thought that she would eventually change her mind, or through counseling discover her problems. But nothing changed. I stayed because of our boys. My wife had always dressed nicely, but she began to wear provocative, even sexy, clothes. She seemed to enjoy not only teasing me, but other men as well. I fantasize about making love to her constantly, but it's been ten years, and I don't think it will ever happen.

— Paul, 35

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