Can't Forget The First

My wife and I had been married about twenty years when we became close friends with another couple. After several months of friendship, it was obvious we were all turned on by the others' spouses. I confessed to my friend that I had always wanted to swap or to watch my wife have sex with another man. He told me he felt the same way but had never met anyone like me who told him it was all right for him to have sex with their wife. I told him it was not only okay but that I would love for it to happen. He also told me it was all right if I slept with his wife. Neither of us was sure what our wives would think, but we knew they always loosened up after drinking. One Friday night, we were at their house and had been drinking. They asked us to spend the night since we had had too much to drink to drive home. My wife said she didn't have anything to sleep in. My friend's wife told my wife to come with her to the bedroom that she had some stuff for her to wear. Soon, both women came out in see-through negligees. Not only was my wife's see-through, it was also low cut and only tied at the top. She did not put on the panties to it, so as she walked into the room, you could see her privates. I was in heaven knowing my best friend was getting to see my wife this way. We all sat at the kitchen table and continued to drink. Both wives' breasts were plainly visible to both of us. I just knew we were getting ready to swap. Before that could happen, his wife got too drunk and passed out. He put her to bed and came back and joined my wife and me. He sat next to her at the table and started to kiss her. She leaned into him kissing him back. I had to go to the rest room. When I came back, they were standing up, and my wife's negligee was totally open. I decided to leave them alone, went to the room we were going to sleep in, and pretended to fall asleep. Before long, he came in to check on me to make sure I was asleep. Then he left my wife's negligee on the bed, which meant she was naked now. I waited a few minutes and then got up to go see what was happening. They were in the third bedroom making love. Since they thought everyone was passed out, they had not shut the door. I watched from a distance as my best friend was making love to my wife. My long time fantasy of watching my wife sleep with another man had finally come true, and it was incredible to watch her making love to another man. This happened almost twenty years ago. We had many more experiences with this couple, but the first time is always so exciting.

— Warren, 61

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