Mature Women Are So Much More

It was our wedding night. I couldn't believe it. Two marriages, scores of women, and at last I was mature enough to appreciate a real woman who was at once as adventurous as I yet who was also a lady. During our courtship, she and I agreed on no premarital sex. Her oral skills each night and usually twice a day for me were awesome. I never had a steady girl as tall as she. All this feminine real estate was great. I am amply built and have a technique I developed for enjoyably extending foreplay. Occasionally, I go further. This sends her onto another bout of ecstasy. Variety is of the utmost importance. Sometimes we go out in the evening, she with no panties. Our back porch is only partially sheltered. Sometimes, I make her go nude on the front or back porch. I am a believer in new positions. She is so unbelievable! She gets flowers weekly and outings at least twice monthly. I have dated women eighteen to fifty-five. Mature women are so much more appreciative, attentive, skillful, and passionate. They just know stuff you only learn through life. If healthy, they get better seemingly. Treat her well. Keep it real. Enjoy.

— Franklin, 60

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