Gotta Love The Ex!

I had to go down one weekend to pick up my son. I knew I was early, but I went anyway not having much to do at the house. I got down there, and I knocked on his door, noticing my ex-wife was home. She yelled to come in, so I did. My ex-is a pretty girl, fun to be around, and always horny. She is not fat, but she is thick with a big set of boobs, nice legs, and a thick butt. I went all through the house, and she was in her bedroom. She was lying on the bed, on her back, fully clothed, looking at a magazine with couples having sex. She showed me a few pics, wondered which girls I liked, and I made a comment that none had the body she did. She then asked if it was better if she was topless, and I said (of course), yes! She then handed me a bottle of lotion and told me to have fun. She held her head off the bed and gave me the oral of a lifetime while I played with and massaged the nicest set of boobs ever. Gotta love the ex!

— Hugh, 29

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