Truth ... Believe It, Or Don't

This is the truth. I constantly read these confessions, and I think at least eighty percent of them are made up. So, I want to confess (if that's what you call it) some things that I really enjoy. First, I am married and not in the least bit gay. I love and enjoy wearing ladies' panties. My wife buys them for me. I buy them as well. She and I have matched pairs. I have over fifty pairs of my own. I don't even own any men's underwear. I also like and very much enjoy being naked. Anytime I/we are at home, I'm totally naked. When company comes, they can join, stay, or leave. Most stay, and most join me. I live on fifty acres of which about thirty need to mowed. I like to and enjoy mowing totally nude, even by the road! The neighbors know and don't care. The neighbors come by quite often, and usually the female neighbors remove all of their clothing as well. Most of the times their husbands are with them, and some of them join us and some don't. Am I ashamed of all of this? Hell no! If something makes you happy, go for it!

— Kirk, 58

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