Acts of Voyeurism

Ten years ago, I met the most desirable woman, Nancy. Although there was a special feeling, it looked like there would be little between us since Nancy lived far away and we seldom met. Finally, a couple of years ago, things clicked, and a chance to get together inspired me to start flirting with her over the net. She responded even more passionately than I had dreamed. It seems she had recently found a surge in sexual energy and was exploring, with her husband, some unconventional sexual choices. When we got together, she wanted to extend that to me, with a twist. She wanted to strike out on her own, to try me without his knowing. It worked out, and we enjoyed each other. The sex was the best, and I found myself wanting more than the rare meeting we could arrange. A few months ago, they moved closer to us, and we started to have some great times together. We had more dates and time to talk about fantasies and desires. We slowly realized that I have some voyeuristic needs and that she might be okay with some exhibitionism. So, we started fantasizing about making those come true. For a long time, I thought that this would only stay in fantasy. That all changed a week ago. They were visiting us and stayed over. I went downstairs in the early morning, restless and with nothing in mind beyond hoping that she was already awake so we could talk and maybe have a little fun. Lucky me! She was up, and we rushed together. Kissing, touching, holding, we were soon hot and bothered. Suddenly, Nancy asked me if I would like to try to satisfy my voyeuristic itch, and I said yes. We were both thrilled but also scared. She guided me into the room that adjoins their bedroom, and then we kissed hard. We closed the outside door, blocking the light, and I now had a dark room to watch from. She was about to head into the bedroom when I stopped her and impulsively stripped her, sending her to him naked. The next minutes were incredible. First, she gave him oral, which woke him and got his attention. Then, she lay down and took him, looking at me several times in the dim light from their corner lamp. It was a thrill, watching them go at it. That is something I am unlikely to forget. Afterwards, she came out and admitted that doing it with me watching was one of the hottest things she had ever done.

— Josh, 39

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