Taking Care Of Our Military

I meet Kara when I was twenty-two and playing in a dart league with some friends. She was a replacement for another older lady that couldn't play anymore. Kara is quite the beauty at thirty-six and has a great sense of humor. Plus, I even got along with her kids which surprised me since her son was just two years younger than me. It started out as just a friendship but grew into something more rather quickly. I knew she was married to some military/ex-cop jerk because, after he found out that I was playing on her team, he started to show up at more and more games. He started to accuse her of messing around with me. This was before Kara and I started doing anything. So, hopefully you see the type of man she's with. So, this guy gets shipped down to a Texas base for training after September 11th. By this time, both of us had been flirting and playing footsie with each other as we played darts. All was pretty innocent until I took her home one night and we had incredible sex. For being thirty-six, she really liked having a younger man to actually satisfy her sexual needs. And being twenty-two, I was up to the challenge again and again. This carried on for over a year. It was great. I finally found someone to have a relationship with. That was until he came back from Texas and ruined it. I know he was there before me, but I didn't care. I really liked this woman and all of her children. Well, things with her went cold. Not because we didn't love each other, but because her husband started to abuse her. He even had the balls to drive down my street as he called my house from her cell phone trying to find out where I lived. I will tell you, I've never wanted to hurt another person so much in my life. It scared me. So, after that things went cold. There was no more making out like teenagers in the back of the bar, and no more really good sex. She was scared about what could happen to both of us if we continued to see each other. So, we decided to stop everything. The last time I heard from her was more than three years ago. Where does the time go? I will always remember her and the love we shared. Plus, I still have the memory of servicing his wife while he was serving his time in the army. Take care, Kara. Maybe in another lifetime we can be together again.

— Thomas, 26

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