Keep Your Eyes Open

I like to wear women's stockings, high heels, thong g-string, and a suspender belt and then walk in the open late at night. I want to get seen and would love to be caught by a group of young guys and give oral sex to them all. Then I would have them all have sex with me. Oh, what a rush that would be. I was seen by a carload of guys once, and they all were eager for some trans love. But, I was only just beginning to dress-up and was scared. Now, I like to walk in lit areas where passing cars can see me clearly. They toot their horns but cannot stop. I am filled with desire, and my legs are shaking when I return to my car. One night, I went with two transsexuals and was pleasured by them both at the same time. I will be out tonight, so keep your eyes open. You may get lucky tonight.

— Kyle, 38

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