Very Experimental

I've been sleeping with Liz for eight months now. I'm twenty-eight and single. She's thirty-four and married with a kid. She's one of the best sexual partners I've ever had, and that's saying something. I used to do model work and played soccer in Europe for a couple of years. It doesn't bother me that I'm having an affair with a married woman. If her husband can't do the job for her, I gladly will. Since I succeeded in seducing her last summer, she's opened up and has become very experimental. Among other things, she's very loud and likes it when I pull her hair. She has said that she got married too young and is "making up for lost time" with me. Recently, after one of our marathon sex sessions, she mentioned that her friend, Jessica, found me hot and was hinting at a threesome. Liz said she was always physically attracted to Jessica. So, of course, I was all over the idea. Last weekend, they both came to my loft in the afternoon. They seemed a little nervous, so we had a few drinks to relax. Liz started making out with me while Jessica watched. I was instantly aroused, and Liz pulled my pants off. Jessica gasped, "You weren't kidding, he is huge!" With that, we began. It was one of the greatest sexual encounters of my life, and although we all felt a little awkward afterward, we have made plans to do it again soon.

— Blake, 28

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