Caught With Pants Down

I was staying out of town in a small-town motel. I went out to breakfast one morning and then returned to my motel room. I found that it had already been cleaned, but I also noticed that there were no towels in the room. Not thinking any more about it, I decided to watch some TV since I didn't have to be anywhere for a couple of hours. Clicking through the channels, I came across a fairly sexy show. I started watching it and, before long, I became aroused. It had been a long time since I had had any type of sex at all. So, I decided to relieve some tension. I lowered my pants and underwear and started in. Just as I was finishing and starting to erupt, I heard someone at the door. It was too late. I removed my hand, but I was still orgasming when I saw the maid standing there with towels in hand no more than two feet from me. We both just seemed to freeze for a couple of seconds not knowing how to react. She then said how sorry she was as she thought no one was in the room. Then she smiled and said, "I guess I'm just in time with the towels." She handed me a small hand towel before she walked to the bathroom to put the rest away. I quickly wiped up and got my pants pulled back up. As she left, she said that she sure was sorry for just walking in. I was so embarrassed I couldn't look her in the eye. When I left the room, about two doors down she stood with two other maids all giggling and smirking. I had to walk right by them to get to my car. Again, I was so embarrassed. That evening when I returned to my room, I found a hand towel lying on the bed. On top of it was a jar of Vaseline. I guess they had some good laughs at my expense.

— Timmy, 32

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