Photo Fun

It is just a game, but it's getting scary. Thirty years ago, when we were just married, I used to take pictures of my wife naked. By that time, she was pretty in shape so she didn't have too much to hide. Being our children had gone to college, my wife decided to display some of those pictures all over our house for our visitors to see. She also displayed nude pictures of unknown women so hers got camouflaged. Most of the photos didn't show private parts, but some were pretty explicit featuring her buttocks, breasts, and even pubes. Yesterday, her piano student recognized her face in a picture, and his compliments had no end. He said he was taking photography in college, so she told him to bring his camera next time for she might pose for him. I wonder where all this is going to take my fifty-five-year-old wife.

— Matthew, 56

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