Threesome With The Wife

My wife and I like to get wild when we have sex. We like to watch porn and pretend we're someone else. We just do whatever we're in the mood for. Threesomes have always turned me on big time. So, I talk to my wife about having sex with me and another guy while we're having sex. I just thought it was a fantasy and that it would never happen. I am kind of a jealous guy. Our fantasizing about a threesome went on for a few weeks. Well, one night a buddy of mine was with us upstairs in our bedroom talking on our bed. We were drinking a lot of beer and were feeling pretty good. The thought did cross my mind as I saw my wife sitting next to him at the edge of the bed. My buddy got pretty buzzed and couldn't drive home where his wife was asleep. So, he went downstairs and slept on the couch. My wife and I began to have sex. We were both pretty horny. We were watching some hot threesome porn, too. I said, "What the hell? We're all drunk and horny." So, I asked my wife in a kidding kind of way (just incase she got pissed off) if she wanted me to go downstairs and get my buddy to come up and join us. To my surprise and satisfaction, she said yes. I ran down and brought him up. There, lying in our bed, was my butt-naked wife. She was laying on her stomach and pretending to be asleep. I told my buddy to sit next to her. I also asked if he wanted some as I pointed to my wife's nice, round, Latin ass. I grabbed his arm and put his hand on her ass. We both began to grab her big, juicy ass. She woke up and said, "Hey, what are you doing?" I told her, "Oh, we're just going to have sex with you." That's how it got started. Man did we have some awesome sex. It was about six or seven hours of hot sex. It was better than I thought it would be. It's a major turn on for me watching women have sex with two guys. It was the best night of my life, so much so that we had another threesome not long after that. I really wanted to have threesomes every weekend. We're not together anymore, but we still talk to each other. We had sex about a month ago while watching threesome porn. I brought up our threesome. It turned her on as much as it did me. I told her we're going to have another threesome. I know she's willing to have another one even though we aren't together anymore. I know I'll tag-team her with another guy again. I'll let you know how it goes. Damn, threesomes are hot!

— Joe, 35

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