We Melted Into One

My sister-in-law and I have always had a different relationship. There has always been some kind of love/hate tension between us. My wife was ready to leave for Iraq, so she came down to see her off. All was normal while my wife was here. The night after my wife left, my sister-in-law wanted to go dancing. After a few drinks and some very provocative dancing, my hands started to wonder. As I got more excited, her eyes lit up and a "come hither" smile came across her face. We continued to dance until our lips met. It was magic. We kissed like we had never kissed before. I thought that was all. When we arrived home, all of our kids were asleep. She followed me into my bedroom and slid off her pants. We melted into one on top of the sheets that my wife and I had made love on the night before. The sex was crazy. After I finished, she got dressed and left. We have yet to talk about the encounters. I do feel somewhat guilty, but not so guilty that it happened again on her next return trip.

— Jonah, 26

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