Librarian Lust

I worked at a retail store and soon realized how many women were single, getting older, and didn't have a man around. It seems that at one point in my life, women of a large age demographic seemed acceptable to me. I especially noticed how more women in their forties and fifties were keeping themselves in great shape. A woman in her forties that worked at the library came in regularly. We talked, and she brought me baked goods on occasion. I just wondered if something more was going on. I changed jobs, and one day she showed up. We went out to lunch and talked. I was married and she was with someone. When we left, I kissed her and forced my tongue into her mouth. She was very responsive as her tongue quickly danced with mine. After some cyber exchange, I made an appearance at the library. I sat at a computer in a quiet room. She quickly came to see me. I asked her to stand to my right so she wouldn't block my light, but I wanted her out of view of the other patrons. I started to rub her white nylons and quickly moved up into the triangle of her skirt. I could tell she was nervous. Her hand squeezed my shoulder as hard as she could while I just continued to excite her. Now, I can't get her to stop calling and emailing me. If you like older women, there's plenty of desire for attention. Life is good.

— Jerry, 51

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