Love Boat Lust

My wife and I were on a cruise with a group of four other couples. We never had much luck with the TV in our cabin. One night after the show, we went back to our cabin to get ready for bed, and I started messing around with the TV. To my surprise, I got it to work and tuned in to the adult channel. It was some hot girl-on-girl girl action with no dialog. My wife came out of the bathroom in just a robe. I thought she would be disgusted as she doesn't usually get into girl-on-girl stuff. She surprised me. We both laid down on the bed, side by side, and watched the show. Not all of it was girl-on-girl. We watched the porn for at least two hours. I was playing around with her the whole time. After they showed a segment of a girl getting it from behind, my wife assumed the same position as did the guy on the TV, and we did it doggie style. While in our cabin for the rest of the cruise, we were pretty much naked. So, when the mood struck us, we went right back at it.

— Todd, 33

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