Not So Monogamous

I was seeing this girl for about a year before she moved out of town. She said she wanted to stay in a monogamous relationship with me, and I was going to move down there to be with her. I saw her as much as possible. We were together almost every weekend. I suspected she was seeing others where she moved to although she swore she wasn't. One time I was visiting and she got a phone call. She told the caller that she was busy because a "friend" from out of town was visiting. She said it was a girlfriend of hers, but later I found out it was a guy that her sister had set her up with. A few other things didn't add up on other visits such as three different kinds of condoms in her nightstand, and guys calling late at night leaving suggestive messages which she tried to pass off as just "joke" messages. One time on the night before I left to go see her, I slept with another girl and then went straight over to her place. I had sex with her all night. She didn't even notice I had been with someone else. I later told her, but she didn't believe me. I felt like I was getting back at her, but it didn't make me feel any better. I'm no longer seeing her because we live too far apart and I'm sure she's been seeing other people.

— Jack, 39

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