Revenge Is Mine

It was about six months ago. I was walking around the estate I managed as a housing inspector for a local authority when I heard my name being called. When I turned round, I saw it was one of the residents I had visited a couple of times regarding repair problems. She was a woman in her mid-twenties, very attractive, with a lovely figure and quite petite. She asked me if she could have a word about a problem she had, and I seemed to be the only person she could confide in. I went to her house and, once inside, we stood in her kitchen whilst she told me her story. It would appear she and her husband, who was a shift worker, had invited another couple for drinks. As the night wore on and after several drinks, the conversation turned to wife swapping. Her husband and the couple suggested they try it that night, but she was set against it. To cut a long story short, her husband and the other woman disappeared to the bedroom upstairs and didn't appear again for over an hour. When the other couple left, there was an almighty row as her husband's excuse was that he had too much to drink. All that was in her mind was to get some sort of revenge, which would make her feel better. I had a fair idea what was in her mind and asked her if the revenge meant she wanted to do what her husband did and have sex with someone else. She agreed that this was what she intended and told me that the first person she thought of was myself as she had seen me countless times in the estate and had used me in her fantasies many times. I told her that I would have to give it some thought and arranged to see her the following day. When I called the next day, she made us coffee, and we sat in the lounge discussing her proposition. I told her I was willing to make love to her as a one off as I thought she was very desirable. I moved over beside her and kissed her tenderly but quite passionately. We made arrangements that I would park my car in the parking area adjacent her house the next evening at 7:00 p.m., and then I would take her to an empty bungalow on the estate. The following day, I laid out a double bed air mattress in the bedroom of the bungalow and set the heating to come on before we would arrive. When we entered the house, I put my arms around her. We kissed for a while and explored our bodies at the same time. I started to get horny, so I stripped off and then commenced to strip her slowly. She was wearing a black woolen dress which buttoned all the way up with a belt round her midriff. I undid the buttons from the bottom upwards and slid the dress from her shoulders. She was very soft to the touch and, after exploring every inch of her, I lifted her up, carried her through to the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. We had oral and regular sex until we exhausted ourselves. We lay with my arms around her, recovering from our exertions, and after half an hour we started over again. She told me that she had never had an orgasm before in her life and realized now what she had been missing. We arranged to meet again the following week and continued for quite awhile after that. Unfortunately, she left the area and left me with very fond memories.

— Pierre, 33

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