The Perfect Sex Life

I am a mid-fifties male, very fit, into body building, and married for twenty-five years. I subscribe to a sex site and several times a week masturbate to some of the movies involving couples. This site also contains a gay genre which I started to watch out of curiosity. After a few viewings, I found myself gravitating toward black, well-built males having sex. I began to fantasize and masturbate to these movies. My curiosity really got the better of me, and one day I met with a young gay escort at a hotel. I greeted him at the door and, even though I couldn't believe what I was doing, I found myself getting very excited at his blonde hair, nice build, and tight fitting jeans. As I told him this was a first for me, he was slowly working on getting me ready. I reciprocated, and he was soon down to only a pair of bikini underwear. I quickly moved to oral sex and was turned on feeling a man for the first time. Although I still have sex with my wife, I find myself getting together with a male escort every couple of months. This seems to be the perfect sex life for me.

— Hank, 55

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