I Found The Perfect Woman

Last March, I flew to Nebraska to see her. I live in North Carolina. Well, we met again in November of 2006, and it was better than the first time we met. I could hardly wait to see her, so I would peek out the motel room frequently. I was getting turned on with just the idea that she would be there soon. The sex we had in March was fantastic, but I was expecting even better sex this time because throughout the months we had gotten to know each other better. Well, she finally arrived, and she was again everything I expected but even better! When she walked into my room, we automatically embraced and kissed. Before we knew it, we were on the bed. She had me hot as a pistol! She shocked me because in March she was kind of shy. This time she was far from it! We were both extremely horny. We began to have sex, and that was only the first time of six during our wonderful sex-filled weekend. If only our spouses were as sexual as we are when we're together! Hopefully we will meet again this year, and I know that it will be better than in November. You would think that being in our mid-fifties our sexual desires would be lessening. However, the opposite is true! She turns me on like no other woman in my life. The wonderful thing about us is that we are not selfish with our sexuality. We both climaxed the same amount of times. We had hours of great sex, and all I can say is that I want more of her because she knows exactly what turns me on the most. Guys, eat your heart out. I found the perfect woman! If only we could be together more often. Well, maybe someday.

— Shawn, 54

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