Water Aerobics

I had always been a body and age snob. I was sure I was only attracted to women that were petite, athletic, and younger than myself. I was twenty-six at the time. After surgery to repair torn knee cartilage, I was told to rehab by doing water aerobics. I signed up for a class at my local gym and was partnered with Melissa. She was definitely older than me and certainly wasn't petite. She was easily six feet tall, but she was good-looking and very nice. She had amazingly large breasts that stayed at my eye level throughout the class. I was surprised at how sexually aroused I was, and I was hoping my "excitement" wasn't too obvious. I made it through the class without ripping my suit. I was getting ready to leave the gym when Melissa asked if I'd like to get some coffee. Over coffee, I discovered she was forty-seven years old, very intelligent, and a little bored after twenty-five years of marriage. We continued to get to know one another as we attended the aerobics class, and we often talked afterwards. I really enjoyed her company and, after a couple of months, I asked her out to dinner. I could tell she was surprised that I would ask a married woman out, but she agreed. Her husband was away on business, so we went out that night. We had dinner, went dancing, and had a great time. We ended up at my place that night and went at it like a couple of teenagers. I'm now sold on bigger and older is better.

— Kapil, 28

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