A Successful Introduction

I was introduced to anal sex by my mum's friend, who is forty-five, when I was nineteen. My mum was at work when her friend called. I invited her in for a cup of tea, and we sat in the kitchen talking about this and that. The conversation then turned to me as she asked if I had a girlfriend, to which I replied no. She then asked me if I was still a virgin, and blushingly I said yes. She then pulled me from the chair and led me into the lounge. She sat me on the sofa saying that she was going to teach me a few things I would enjoy. I was excited and she started to comment on my size. She removed her panties and then removed my trousers and underpants. I expected to lie on top, but she turned over to lie on her face. We then had anal sex. Afterwards, we lay together for a while to recover. Then, we began again, only this time I knew what to do and added a few things myself which had her screaming with pleasure. Needless to say, we meet regularly for anal. I think anal is better than the normal sex and have successfully introduced it to other women I have been involved with.

— Sven, 21

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