Shower Privileges Plus

My twenty-second birthday was the greatest day of my life! I had met a girl who was a topless dancer at a club where the dancers were painted with fluorescent paint that glowed under black lights. We hit it off when we discovered we had gone to rival high schools. One of the best things about our relationship was that I had shower privileges to help her wash off the paint from her body after her shift at the club. We enjoyed that a lot. One day we were talking about fantasies, and I told her that mine was the ultimate male fantasy of being with two girls at the same time. I thought nothing further of it until my birthday. While we were in the shower, her roommate, who also danced at the club with her, came into the bathroom, stripped, and then joined us in the shower. They sang "Happy Birthday" to me while I was in shock. The three of us had some of the greatest sex imaginable, and it lasted for several months. We did things at their apartment we could have never done at the club. They would get naked and dance while I watched them. Polaroid parties were a big thing with us as this was years before camcorders and digital cameras. One day I went to their apartment. When I went in the door, they met me wearing a bikini. I mean they were each wearing one piece of a bikini. It was a rush and the subject for more picture taking. The sex was better than any drug could ever be but just as addicting. It's been more than thirty years since those days, but I can still remember them like yesterday. To this day they still make me horny when I think of them.

— Gabe, 53

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