My Lady Pleases

I recently meet this lady on the internet personals. We emailed back and forth for a while, and then we exchanges phone numbers. The first night we talked for over six hours on the phone. I hadn't had anything to say to a woman for that long in years. This was truly amazing to be able to converse with someone over a wide range of ideas. We discussed some likes and dislikes and shared some life experiences. Each of us had been married before with children. Mine were grown, and she had almost finished raising hers. She had one child left at home. We decided eventually after about two weeks to meet in person. She was just as amazing in my eyes in person as she was on the phone and via e-mails. It didn't take long until we were together a lot of the time. It was easier for me to get around to see her since I am now retired. Well, the first time we had sex it was totally amazing. It was mind-blowing, exhaustive sex. She became a total sex goddess right then and there. It helped to solidify the idea of how deeply I was caring about this woman more and more everyday. We had only one problem. That problem was she and I were both early risers and early to bed kind of people. So, we would never have sex when her son was home. We never wanted him to hear what was going on between us. She called me one day and said, "Hey, my son is having a party this weekend at the house, and my dad wants to chaperone to make sure nothing gets out of hand. So, I am free this weekend. Want to get together?" I said without hesitation, "You bet." She said, "Only thing is I need to stay close by in case I have to go home. Can we stay at the local motel?" She told me she would more than make it worth my time. We hung up knowing that we were going to be together in a couple of days. I arrived at the hotel at 2:00 pm and checked in the room. I went to catch a quick nap since I lived some distance away. After I awoke, she was at the door, knocking, and saying, "Can I come in?" Well, I immediately opened the door and said, "Why, of course my fair lady, you may enter." There she stood, as sweet as ever looking, and my heart began skipping beats again. We immediately began kissing, hugging, and petting. Then, all at once, she said, "Before we get too carried away, I have a friend that wants to meet you, and I told her it would be okay. I hope you don't mind." I did mind but knew that we had the entire weekend together. She goes to the door, exits, and comes back in a flash with her friend in tow. In they walk together, and she begins to make the introductions to each other. We sat in the chairs in the room and started carrying on a conversation. We were laughing and basically enjoying the present company. Needless to say, my lady said to me, "Remember I told you that staying here I would make it worth more than worth your while?" "Of course, I remember," I said. Well, she said, "I think it's time you know something else about me." With that, she walked towards her friend, and the next thing I know they are kissing each other in front of me. All of my life this had never happened, but I will admit that it was a fantasy of mine (What man doesn't have it?) as well. Then they stopped and invited me to join in. Needless to say, I was nervous. But once I was with them both, it was everything I imagined it was. My lady said she had never given her friend oral before. When I said, "Will you do it now for me?" she thought about and then her friend, who is the bi-sexual one, said, "I will do her," to remove any pressure. When she was done, my lady returned the favor, and the three of us had an amazing weekend together. Now, we do it on a regular basis since the three of us had such a pleasurable experience. We still do each time we meet. I have the most amazing woman any man has ever been pleased with.

— Charles, 47

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