Unholy Sex

When I was a sophomore in college, I was dating my pastor's daughter. I was really active in the youth group still and spent a lot of time at the church. During one Sunday service, her dad went on preaching the sermon for over an hour. My girlfriend, his daughter, looked amazing that day, and I wanted church to be over so bad so I could take her home and make love to her. She felt the service dragging on also. She put her sweater over our laps and began to play with me. She then whispered for me to come meet her in the back after a couple of minutes. She left, and two minutes later I followed after her. We proceeded to go up to the balcony area which was closed off and now used for storage. Nobody could see us because it was closed off with a curtain. We ended up having sex on an old altar. It was great sex, but it didn't last very long. She knew she couldn't be loud, so she would look me dead in the eyes with this evil, sexy look and mouthed four letter words to me really slow so I knew what she was saying. Then she started to whisper the dirty talk to me. She quietly whispered to me and asked if I liked doing this to the preacher's daughter during his service in a really sweet, innocent voice. This drove me crazy. The thought of having sex during church with over one hundred people within twenty feet of us and on an altar made us so horny that we both finished within five minutes. She went back down, and I followed a couple of minutes later. A couple of weeks later while church was going on during a Wednesday service (On Wednesdays the youth group had church in the back annex room), the youth finished early. So, instead of leaving and going to my apartment, we snuck into the baptismal and had sex in it while the older congregation finished their lessons. Those experiences were the most erotic things I have ever done in my life. I have since apologized to God and I asked for forgiveness. We both felt bad, stopped doing that, and made a pact to us and God that we would never do anything like that again. I am saved now, but every time I close my eyes and think about those days in church, I get a charge like you can't believe. I can't help it.

— Paul, 25

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