My Wonderfully-Built Blonde Beauty

I am retired and live in a subdivision where most of the people are retired or are professionals. I live on a double dead-end street. Most of my neighbors walk either alone or with their dogs. For several years, I have seen this attractive blonde in her late forties walking her dogs. We have had casual contact until recently. One day, I was going to town. When I approached her house, I saw her two little Yorkies out in the street. I led them up her driveway. Then, just as I turned around, she came running out the house in her pajamas. She thanked me profusely. A couple of mornings later, she called me and said that one of her dogs had wandered off. I volunteered to walk over to her house, looking for him along the way. When I got to her house, she asked me in for coffee. She said she had found him. While talking and drinking coffee, she told me her husband was away on business. Before long, she was sitting on my lap. Soon, we were in her bed. She told me she led a boring life as her husband's job took him out of town continuously. Every morning at 9:00, my wife goes to exercise, then to lunch with a sister or friend, and then shopping until about 3:00 pm. This leaves me with a lot of time to service this wonderfully-built blonde beauty! Great retirement!

— Frank, 65

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