Very, Very, Very Naughty

Well, first, the name below is not the name people in general know me by; it is Marshall. But my confession is that I want to be Marsha desperately. Yes, my confession is that I want to become a woman. I am a tall, thin, blue-eyed brunette that loves dressing as a woman. I like feeling like a woman, being treated in public at bars as a woman, and (this relates to my second confession) being in the woman's role for men. I started putting girl's clothes on when I lived at home. I was very young. I would sneak into my older sister's room while everyone was out and put on her panties, bras, and lingerie. It progressed to her dresses, skirts, and tops. I stopped for a period of time, but it started again when I started living with a girl I was dating at age twenty. One day while she was out shopping, and I was alone in our apartment, I found myself standing in the walk-in closet facing her sexy dresses. As I stood there, I was overcome with a huge and exciting urge to put on her clothes. Thereafter, I was hooked. We broke up, and although I dated a number of other women thereafter, I could not stop dressing as a woman. I tried to control it, and in fact stop, but I could not. It finally progressed to the point where one day I was out dressed as a woman, and this really hot guy came on to me. He invited me to go to his car to talk. Although I was very nervous by what was taking place, I was so overwhelmed by certain thoughts and excitement that I went with him to his car. Well, in the car, he never asked, and I never said anything. One thing led to another, and while he was seated in the driver's seat, before I got out of his car, I performed oral sex for him. It was my first time when I was age twenty-six. Although I went home and brushed my teeth a hundred times, gargled, and swore I'd never to do that again, about three weeks later I just could not stop thinking about it. It was like the thought of doing it again was burning a hole through my brain or something. I just wanted it and to do it again so bad! So, I started going out more and more as a female, meeting more and more men, and ultimately engaging in more and more of the female's role during sex (which is my third confession, as a female I am addicted to it). Now, I occasionally place ads in local magazines seeking dates with men who know upfront that I want to become a female and who never met me as a guy. Sometimes we'll meet at the park where I get into their car. Sometimes we'll meet in parking lots, at restaurants, bars, motels/hotels, or their place. I won't date married men. Although I engage in safe sex, I do get tested frequently. I really do want to come out desperately about all this to my friends, family, and people I work with (I am in a professional field -- suit and tie, and of course, panty and bra underneath), but it is difficult. I'd love to just disappear for a year or two, have everything done (and I would undergo everything and anything to transform into a sexy female), and return as Marsha! I know it's only a dream, but how great it would be for someone to say, "Come here, and you will be completely transformed." I'd pack tomorrow. In closing, I will say that my final and fourth confession is that as Marsha, I am very adventurous and admittedly very, very, very naughty.

— Marsha, 30

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