She Likes Looking At It

I have this friend of mine that I have had for quite sometime. We have had sex quite a few times, and we thought we could try something that each one of us liked. We both did our own thing and kind of got a little kinky at times. We agreed to do what we thought the other one would like to see. We did like watching porno at times, and that gave us some suggestions on what we would like to try. She started to set across from me and started touching herself up, down, around, and all over. This turned me on. I told her it looked like something I would like from time to time to watch her do. Well, it was my turn. So, I sat across from her and she said go ahead. I started touching myself like she did, but I went a step farther than her show was to me. I started rubbing myself outside of my shorts. I kept growing until I popped out and stood at attention in clear sight so she could drool. She really liked what had happened, and now we do it pretty often when we are alone. I found out that a little exhibitionism kind of gets the blood flowing. I think we are going to be friends for a long time.

— Anthony, 48

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