Curing The Loneliness

A few years ago, I had a work project in Taiwan that required me to travel there once a month for a year. I was alone on every trip, and the many nights alone in a hotel really wore on me. My loneliness soon turned to horniness. I finally decided to go to the dance club in the basement of the hotel to see if I could find any excitement down there. Sure enough, there was a young Chinese girl on the dance floor who caught my eye. She noticed me, too, and gave me a big smile. I asked her to dance, and she was more than happy to join me. As the evening went on, I bought several drinks for us, and we got closer and closer as we danced. Our hips pressed together, and I know she could feel me getting excited. She looked at me and suggested we go sit down and rest for a while. I led us to a booth in the corner of the club, very dark and out of the way. We started making out, my hands moving to her perky little breasts. She began playing with my package, telling me she really wanted to see how big an American was. I unzipped and pulled it out for her. She said, "Oh, that's really nice. A lot bigger than my boyfriend!" She played for a while, and then we had oral sex. We went up to my room to finish things. She ordered some dessert before we got in bed to continue where we left off. I lied on my back, and she tied my hands to the bed with the belt from the hotel robes. As I was lying there, she was giving me oral again when the bell rang. Our dessert had arrived. She put on a robe and went to the door. The room service waiter came in and put our food on the desk, trying not to look at the naked American tied to the bed. Finally, his curiosity got the best of him, and he took a long look at me. My girl said something to him in Chinese, and then she dropped her robe. She then gave him oral sex. She stood up, said something to him again, and proceeded to have sex with me while the waiter watched. When we were done, I was utterly exhausted. She got off me and went to get dressed. I asked the waiter to untie me, which he did. Our girl came out of the bathroom with her dress back on, came over and kissed each of us, and walked out the door. I never saw the girl again, but the room service guy and I enjoyed each other during my many trips there. We never did more than stroke each other, but that was enough to satisfy me in that lonely hotel room.

— Chuck, 38

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