Revenge Turned Reward

I am a graduate school professor. Back when I was a young professor in my late twenties, a lot of temptation was thrown in my path by female grad students. Finally, there was one who was just too good to resist, and I cheated on my wife for a few months with her. My wife, Rita, who is a redhead with the classic Irish temper, found out. After some tears, yelling, and recrimination, she decided to take revenge in the traditional way. I had an evening class Tuesday and Thursday nights that semester which ended at 8:00 p.m. I always was home, like clockwork, by 8:30. While I had cheated on her, I never stopped in bars by myself. Also, because I was a professor, I did not carry guns or other weapons, and I do not have a violent temper. Rita, of course, knew all this. So, she went to a local tavern near the campus that we occasionally frequented and picked up and brought home three men. One was one of my male graduate students whom she had met before. The other two were friends of his. She timed it perfectly. When I walked in the house at around 8:30, I heard noises from the bedroom. I entered and found my wife in bed with not one but three men. She was well into the act with my student while the other two were hovering and waiting their turns. I think I was supposed to get angry or break into tears and storm out, but I found it to be the most exciting thing I had ever seen. So, instead, you can imagine their shock when I took off my clothes and joined them! Then my wife had four men to satisfy, and I must say she did a darned good job of it. We took turns with her for most of the night, and I can tell you that all four men left her bed completely exhausted. After ushering the others out, Rita and I went to sleep. When we woke in the later morning, her first words were, "Damn you. The next time you cheat on me I'm going to have to think of something else." And I replied that if she would keep giving me nights like we had just shared, I would never cheat again. And, to my great delight, she did. That grad student wound up being a pretty lucky fellow for the year before he finished his degree. He got a lot of quality time with his professor and the professor's wife. I never cheated on her again.

— Oliver, 58

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