Easily The Most Exciting Experience

My wife and I wound up sharing a motel with a male friend of ours. I knew they were attracted to each other, though neither of them had made any "moves" on each other. After a few drinks, the two of us males suggested she give us a show. She got up and did a strip-tease for us. When she was naked and I saw the way my friend looked at her, I knew it was time to learn just how liberated the three of us were. Even without asking her, I said to him, "Do you want to make love to my wife?" The answer was, "Yes! Of course!" So, while I watched, my friend hurriedly stripped and then had sex with her. I had sex with her after he was finished, and we spent several hours taking turns having sex with her. She admitted that it was even more exciting with this other man because I was there to watch. And for me, it was easily the most exciting sexual experience I have ever had.

— Spencer, 28

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