Ex-Wife Affair

My ex and I divorced after being married for eighteen years. The divorce was friendly and we talked occasionally. I had moved away and didn't make it back to see my son, who lived with her, except maybe twice a year. On one trip back, my son asked if I would make lunch for him. When I got there to make the meal, she was there also. After lunch, my son left to see some friends. I stayed and talked to my ex. We started talking and laughing about old times. She got up to get us a drink and hugged me. My ex has very large breasts, and I was instantly excited. I followed her to the kitchen. When she was filling my glass, I reached around her and began to touch her breasts. Instead of getting mad, she pushed back against me! She took me to her bedroom and removed her shirt and bra. I touched and kissed her until she asked me to stop. She removed my pants and gave me oral. I then removed the rest of her clothes and gave her oral. We then had full sex! I had forgotten how good she was! This happened one more time before I had to leave. I hope it will happen again someday, but if it doesn't, I have a fantastic memory!

— Luke, 47

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