My Wife's Secret Lovers

I had never suspected my wife of fifteen years with infidelity of any kind. We had a great family, a great life, and I thought a great relationship that included a very active sex life. I was totally blindsided by what I found hidden in the back corner of her closet. My wife had taken our two kids to her sister's for the weekend, and I was getting a little alone time. I decided to play a round of golf and was looking for my golf shoes. After exhausting all logical places, I looked in my wife's closet. I didn't find my shoes, but I noticed a suitcase in the back corner that I had never seen before. I was curious, so I pulled it out of the closet and set it on our bed. The suitcase was full of very sexy, revealing and provocative lingerie, bras, thongs, high heels, and outfits that I had never seen before. These were clothes that I only fantasized about my wife wearing. They were her size, and although the garments appeared to be new, most had been worn. I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me when I realized they were hers. She had worn them but not for me. There were still a couple more surprises in store for me. I placed some of the outfits out on the bed, and I was getting a little worked up imagining how hot my wife would look wearing them. I didn't have to imagine for long. In the side pocket, I found two disturbing items. The first was a box of condoms (my wife couldn't use birth control pills) with quite a few missing, and the second was a homemade DVD. I wasn't sure I wanted to see what was on the DVD, but by this time I think I knew what I would find. The first part was still photos of my wife modeling most of what was in the suitcase, (and a few things that were even more risqué like handcuffs, leather, etc.) in very sexy poses. I had to admit that she looked amazing, and I also noticed the photos were fairly recent but taken at different times over the past two years. The most recent was about two weeks ago in our bedroom. The second part was like watching a train wreck. I wanted to turn it off, but I just had to watch. There were a series of short videos showing her doing everything from making out on our living room couch with a young man in his twenties, dancing provocatively at a club, having sex with two men, giving a man pleasure in the front seat of her car, getting and giving oral, and much, much more. I finished watching the disc, and then watched it three more times. I can honestly say that I'd never been so turned on. Watching my hot, sexy wife being with different men, doing things I never dreamed of, was something I thought I'd never, ever see. Needless to say, I didn't go golfing that day. I put the suitcase back as I found it and decided not to mention it. The last thing I wanted was to lose my sex-starved wife. However, I look at my wife completely different now. I see her as a sexual animal, and I find myself constantly telling her how great she looks. I subtly encourage her to reveal her sexual nature. I've tried to increase my sexual energy, but I still know I'm not the only one that is satisfying her. My desire for my wife has only grown stronger knowing that she excites, and is excited by, other men. I just hope she doesn't leave me for one of her lovers.

— Edgar, 45

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