No Objections

I admitted to my wife that I would love to have another man join us for sex. She has such a sexy body, and men openly lust for her all of the time. Then one evening at a party, we had a few drinks and invited a friend of ours back to our place for a nightcap. When we got home, my wife sat opposite us. Her dress was so short and she was showing a lot of thigh. I said, "You are turning me on showing so much leg. I can't imagine what it is doing to Greg." He admitted it made him feel horny. So, I invited my wife to sit between us, and she did. I put my hand on her thigh and moved it up her leg, lifting her dress at the same time. Then I noticed she was stroking Greg. It was not long before we were all naked on the floor. Then we had our first threesome. We all enjoyed it so much that now we meet up most weeks. Now I want to try it with a stranger, and my wife has no objections.

— Raymond, 29

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