Two Fiancées, One Ring

I was finally planning to pop the question to my girlfriend, and I wanted to make it really special. I had planned to take her to her favorite restaurant, which was the one where we had our first date. I went there ahead of time to make some arrangements. I did things like reserved a good table with a great view of the boulevard, got the maitre d' to have a dozen roses ready for me, and tended to details like that just to make it something to remember. While I was there, I got a call from my ex. Now, my ex and I had been really good friends before we dated. Although we broke up five years ago and I had since started dating my soon-to-be fiancée, my ex and I had always stayed in touch. We shared occasional phone calls and e-mails. When I told her I was planning to get engaged, she sounded excited and wanted to congratulate me. I had some time to kill, so we agreed to grab a coffee together. I told her I'd be over in about twenty minutes to pick her up since she didn't have a car. When I got there, she wasn't ready. So, she told me to wait in her living room. I grabbed a beer from her fridge to drink while I was waiting. When she came back, she was not dressed for coffee! She was in a thong and teddy that I had bought her when we were dating. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I was dumb-struck! She came over to me and said that this was my pre-wedding present. She said that she wanted me to always remember her if I and my future wife ever broke up. Well, as luck would have it, I had my fiancée's engagement ring with me. I told her she could try it on and that she could be my fiancée for the day. We had the most amazing sex that afternoon. We went at it for hours. When we finished, I got dressed and left her house to go home. I had to get ready to propose to my real girlfriend. On my way home, my ex called to tell me I had forgotten something. I had left the diamond engagement ring on her finger! She was a good sport about it, and I went back and got it. I was so exhausted from our love-making that I waited until the next day to propose. My fiancé loves her "slightly-used" ring, even though she'll never know the truth about my double engagement!

— Shawn, 27

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