Wild Birthday Party

I attended a birthday party this September. The hostess was pretty well plastered by the time I got there. The birthday party was for her husband who was chasing skirts that afternoon. Jocelyn asked me if I wanted a tour of the farm, and of course I said yes. The farther we got away from the house and the crowd, the friendlier she got. We found the barn and a nice spot in the loft with a blanket. One thing led to another, and while we were making love, we heard another couple downstairs. We listened and, to our surprise, it was her husband. He and one of the single ladies were going at it. Jocelyn predicted that he would do her once and leave. That was his standard practice. After he was done, we went down, and the three of us continued where he left off. Both ladies were very pleased that afternoon, and so was I. Jocelyn, Liz and I get together a couple of times a week, and the sex is wonderful. I am not married, but I could give up being a bachelor for Jocelyn or Liz.

— Rusty, 45

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