Movie Sex

I have been a widower for over four years. Three weeks ago, I was waiting in line to buy tickets for a movie, and a lady friend that I worked with and her girl friend were behind me. I moved back and joined them. Kim is married with two girls in high school, and her girl friend, Loretta, is divorced. I bought both of their tickets, and we went inside. They headed to the last row in the theatre. Then things got real lively. Kim kissed me, put her hand on my tool, and started to rub it. Loretta joined in. Before long, I told them that if they kept it up I would finish right there. Kim pulled me out and gave me oral sex right there. When she was done, Loretta got down and worked it a little also. After the movie was over, I walked Kim to her car and went to kiss her good night. She said that she wanted to get laid. The three of us got in the back of her SUV, and for the next hour we had wonderful sex. Kim then got dressed and went home to her family. I followed Loretta home, and we had wonderful sex all night long. The next morning, Kim was at the front door. She wanted to join in. Loretta and I obliged. We have continued our friendship in bed since. Sex is wonderful.

— Ryan, 46

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