Work Attire

I have been wearing panties since I was about eleven and have been pretty good at keeping my secret safe. That is until a work colleague spotted my yellow knickers peeping out of the top of my trousers. Instead of telling everyone, she simply IM-ed me saying, "Nice panties." I nearly died. My secret was out. I looked up towards where she was sitting and caught her eye. She winked at me, and I could feel myself going crimson, confessing all with the color of my face. She didn't tell anyone, but every now and then I get an IM asking, "Are you wearing panties today?" It's actually very liberating (and a turn-on) to have someone know your secret, especially a girl. Of course, I always reply "maybe" just to keep her guessing and ensure she takes a good a look at my bum when I walk by. I am, of course, always wearing a pair, and it's much more exciting to know someone knows I am!

— Lex, 35

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