Stop And Donate

I have been holding this one in for a long time. My wife and I had a pretty weak sex life. She was not really interested and, when we did, it was pretty tame. When we had a kid, it got even more infrequent. Her sister, who was also her best friend, and I used to flirt a lot. Nothing really ever happened, and I never thought she cared. Her sister got married and was trying to have kids. They did everything but had no luck. Finally, they were going to go to a donor but were worried about how it would all come out. Joking, I offered to be a "donor". My wife and she laughed. My wife suggested we do it in a non-traditional way. She invited her sister and husband over for drinks. It was kind of awkward knowing what was going to happen. We started to drink more and talk about what we had to do. My wife decided and her sister decided that they would each start to fool around with their own spouse. When it came time to orgasm, however, I would stop and donate. Well, my brother-in-law did not last long, so they watched me and my wife. At the right time, we switched places and she did oral on my brother-in-law while my wife kissed me. We did it three times that night and once in the morning. My sister-in-law conceived a baby girl, and my wife was transformed. She can't seem to get enough, and we never did that with my in-laws again.

— Kent, 36

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