The Single, Most Erotic Moment

I was nineteen and dying to lose my virginity. My parents were gone for a week, so I had parties every night they were gone. A lot of my friends came over and brought their girlfriends and with them their single friends. I hit on all of their single friends, trying to get the elusive score since I had a bed secured in privacy. They all gave me the big "denial" body language, so I gave up and just partied with the boys for the last couple of nights. The night before the last day I had the place to myself, one of my good friend's girlfriend (Trish) wanted me to give her vodka shots from the bottle. I didn't know at the time, but she wanted interaction with me in hopes that I would make a pass at her. I was respectful of my friend and just got Trish drunk and never tried anything. She got blasted, puked, and went home early that night. Then came the last night I had the house to myself. Everyone came over again to have an all out blast. During the evening, Trish took me to the garage where we then kissed in private. I didn't think much of it since she was dating my good friend. What did I know? Near the end of the evening, Trish slipped me a note asking if she could come back later after everyone had left. How could I say no? I just thought we were going to talk, drink, and maybe make out some more. I had no idea what the deal was with her and my good friend. So, she came back with her friend, Kim, who also had been partying with us all week and was also dating another friend of mine. Kim expressed no interest in me at all during the week. I thought she came just so that Trish would have a ride home. Trish and I went off and made out while Kim watched TV. While making out, Trish said that we should go up to my room and get comfortable. I was like okay and then she asked if Kim could come. I was confused and said, "Okay, I guess." The girls went upstairs while I put down a couple shots to get over the tension. I walked into my bedroom and they were both on my bed with their clothes on. We all got to making out. My shirt came off and their hands were slowly making their way down to my pants. I undid my pants, and Kim immediately started giving me oral. I made out with Trish, took her clothes off, and just reveled in her perfect body. The girls then switched and Trish started giving me the most wicked oral sex I have ever had. It took all the mental capacity I had to concentrate on making out with Kim and getting her clothes off. We were all nude, on my bed, and with no parents home. It was perfect; a gift from God! I started to give Trish oral sex while I touched Kim. I couldn't take it much more, so I slid my manhood into Trish. She was much better looking than Kim, so I kind of forgot about Kim. Unfortunately, Kim felt left out while Trish and I were having sex, so she put her clothes on and left. It didn't take me long to lose myself. I wanted the moment to last forever. Now that I am thirty and much more experienced, I can't tell you how many times I have thought of this single, most erotic moment in my life and how differently I would have done it. Those girls would be in trouble if I had that opportunity again.

— Trevor, 30

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