What An Aphrodisiac!

I totally agree with the guy that gets excited whenever he watches his wife with another guy! I married a wonderful, understanding, and very attractive girl sixteen years ago. When we met while in our mid-thirties, I realized that not only she was very nice in bed, she also had the same level of sexual desire that I had. Up until then, I thought I would not ever find a girl that could even come close! After about ten years of incredible sex, I started getting this voyeuristic fantasy of seeing her being enjoyed by someone else. Now, let me tell you about my wife. Whenever she gets drinking when we go out on weekends, she lets her guard down when my buddies flirt with her. They know I don't mind because I tell them! Anyway, one afternoon Tony, a younger friend and co-worker, was over helping me with a remodeling project. When we finished, my wife, Tony and I were sitting on the deck having some drinks. When he said he had to leave, he hopped in his nearby car and bid farewell. As he put the car in reverse, I put my arms around my wife while we stood near his window. I started to lift my wife's blouse and did not get much resistance. So, I continued to expose her. I told Tony that he should stay for another drink. As he was rolling back he said, "No, I'd better get going." I then lifted her bra to expose her even more. Tony stopped the car and said, "Well, maybe for one." By then, I was running my fingers over her. As I held her arms back to feint restraint (and getting absolutely NO resistance), I told Tony to touch her, which he did with no hesitation! Once he got out of the car, things went back to being "respectable". I refilled our drinks and innocently suggested soaking in the hot tub for a bit. Tony and I stripped and hopped in the tub while Lisa went in the house. While she was gone, I told Tony that she's pretty "frisky" and I bet that the two of us could talk her into at least getting her top off, and if she would do that, we might be able to get her to take the bottoms off as well. Lisa came out with drink in hand and a beach towel wrapped around her. Even as hot as she was in her mid-forties, she was still self-conscious about her body. She dropped the towel as she lowered herself into the Jacuzzi. Tony and I told her that since he and I were naked, she should at least take her top off so we wouldn't be "embarrassed". Without even hesitating, she reached in back and unfastened her top and dropped it over the side. She stayed under the water so only her shoulders were exposed. Then she leaned back and the next thing we knew her bottoms were also dropping over the side! Well, we sat, drank, and let the spa jets relax our bodies. About twenty minutes later, Lisa announced that she had to go in to pee and make another drink. She got up, wrapped the towel around her, and walked back inside. I told Tony that she was really hammered and I bet she would let him feel her up when she got back. Tony told me that I was probably right because while we were talking, Lisa was reaching over under the water and was playing with his cock! I told Tony that I thought it would be okay if he went in the house. He looked at me and said, "Are you sure?" After reassuring him that it would not only be okay but it would excite me also, he got up and disappeared into the house. My mind was going nuts just thinking about what was going to happen! Unfortunately, he came walking back out about two minutes later. He said she wasn't in there! I said she had to be and was probably upstairs. Tony asked if he should go back in and I said, "You'd better!" This time he was gone about twenty minutes. I couldn't stand it anymore and went in. I started upstairs towards our bedroom and could hear noises from both of them. I got up the stairs and peeked around the corner of the open door. Lisa had a candle lit and there they were having sex! I crawled into our king-size bed beside them and watched until I eventually joined in. Well, since then, we get together every so often whenever Tony can get away and Lisa can have a few drinks to loosen her inhibitions. Tony sure likes a woman a little older (fifteen years, by the way) and with a sexual appetite as great as my beautiful wife!

— Nicholas, 48

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