The Fruits Of A Depraved Mind

I was helping a woman who has problems with shoplifting. She is a very smart lawyer who is married to a very important politician. She sought me out through a mutual friend. At first, we met once a month. I worked her through a twelve-step program, got her an accountability partner, and made her seek medical attention. She was afraid to go public because the local newspaper hounded her. I had no emotional feeling for her. While away for a month, she needed help and was not using the support system that I set up for her. She began to email me and IM me. In one of the IM sessions, she told me about a sex fantasy in which someone took pictures of her. I had my therapeutic hat on and never made the connection. While she was talking to me, she was in her panties and masturbated. Afterward, she told me that when I pushed her on it. Then she said we had cyber-sex. I said she had cyber-sex, but I did not because I did not do anything. She insisted that we did. Afterward, our emails and IMs became very hot. After two days, I backed out completely and said that I could not talk to her again. She became very angry with me and wanted to continue our "friendship". I think she is a bored housewife who wants to have fun, and I do not want to risk my reputation and professional standing to enjoy the fruits of her depraved mind. Although, I was tempted and gratified that a pretty woman like her picked me out.

— Darryl, 36

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