By All Means, Go!

My wife and I have been married for twenty-two years. As happens sometimes, our sex life has tapered off a bit. (A lot, really) She has been taking yoga and getting herself more in shape lately, which gave me hope that things might pick up in the bedroom. The other night, she asked me if I'd like to go to a lingerie show with her, saying Ray and his wife, Alyson, were also going. Of course, I said sure. Neither Ray nor I had any idea what we were in store for. It started off rather tame, but Ray and I were still very attentive. Then my wife said, "Alyson and I are going to excuse ourselves for a minute. We'll be right back." We thought nothing of it and returned our attention to the show. The next "model" to come out was none other than Ray's wife, Alyson! My wife was right behind her! We were both shocked initially, but as our wives strutted their stuff around the room, dancing sexy and up close directly in front of the other husbands, my shock went away and I got very turned on. My wife was wearing a hot little white outfit (and I do mean little), a lacy, low-cut bra that was very sheer, and a pair of thigh-high white nylons with very teeny thong panties. She slowly moved around the room and teased all the other husbands. Alyson did the same thing, even to me. When Alyson got to me, she leaned over and whispered in my ear that she and my wife had a "special showing" for us when we got home. The way Ray lit up, I suspect my wife told him the same thing. After the show, we all four went home together and yes, they gave us a very special show. There was no clothing involved, and Ray I got to know each other's wives in ways we had never dreamed of. If your wife ever asks you to go to a lingerie party, by all means, GO!

— Kyle, 55

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