Watching From The Shadows

For some reason, by instinct I felt my wife was cheating on me. I don't know why, but after that I started paying more attention to her ways around me and snooping on the computer for any traces of her emails and IM messages. I was lucky because I saw one that had some planning for a future date between my wife and this 'lover' at our house! I was pissed, but then I was so determined to know more. The plan was I was going to be out of town on business for the day, she'll go pick him up at this meeting place, take him home, and they'll have a day of sex while the kids are off at school. I thought, nice, I'll cancel my trip, sneak into the basement as a hiding place, and spy on them when they are in the house. Things went as planned on the date. I started hearing moaning upstairs then pounding noises. I started up the stairs to peek around. What surprised me most was that the guy had my wife pinned against the kitchen counter! Since their backs were facing me, I had a show for what seemed like forever. That's when they took it to the family room sofa. I peeked around again and saw them having sex again for another eternity without them even knowing I was there. Well, this went on for a long time. Then they finished and left. I was hurt then, but now I understand how exciting it is to see your wife with another man and them not knowing you're there.

— Marcos, 38

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