Why We Are So Close

After getting out of the Army, my wife and I had it pretty rough. I went to visit my step-cousin and look for a job. I slept on the couch and they didn't have a door for their bedroom so I could hear them while they did it. I'd get up in the morning and I'd see her laying naked half under the covers. After three nights of this, I couldn't take it anymore. While they were playing around, I went to the bathroom and started masturbating. I didn't hear them stop but I did get a shock when Sue opened the bathroom door and stood there staring at me. Ron popped his head in and told me not to waste it, to come join them. I did and we had sex for hours. For the next week while I was there, we all shared their bed and we never really got any sleep. It was the best seven days of sex in my life, but I have never told my wife why Sue, Ron, and I are so close. They are coming to visit for a week and my wife works graveyard. I hope we have a repeat performance.

— Paul, 37

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