Maid For Sex

We had a pretty maid who was in her early twenties. She was from Europe and was quite liberal with her dress while doing the housework. She used to wear hot pants and a very small top while cleaning, etc. My wife didn't mind that since she was not great looking. But, whenever I got horny and when my wife was not around, I used to walk around in my briefs or take a shower and come out wearing a very short towel. Once after shower, I knew she was ironing and may bring the clothes to our bedroom. I pretended as if I was wiping myself while standing in a corner of the room. I was naked with my back to the door. After a few minutes, she came in and saw my back. She apologized and I turned around, pretending to cover my package, and said it was ok. She smiled and started putting the clothes in the closet. I continued to wipe myself and exposed my package for her to see. After she finished, she asked if I wanted to give her the towel to be washed. I handed her the towel. She took it and asked if I needed a pair of briefs. I said yes and she went to the closet and got me the briefs. She told me she would put them on for me! She knelt down and as she pulled the briefs up, her hands touched my genitals. She looked up at my package and started giving me oral. It was great! Eventually, we both ended up naked on the floor having wild sex.

— Nick, 46

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