We Are Now An Item

I've only moved into the area about a year ago after separating from my wife and don't really know my neighbors yet. One lady I pass often and who lives nearby, I got to know as Catherine. She appeared be in her early sixties, very smartly dressed, usually in a skirt and blouse, white hair, and about 5' 7'' tall. We normally just pass the time of day with a good morning or a simple hello. Last month, I was in the local store and just leaving when I bumped into her. She was laden with packages and like a good Samaritan, I offered her a lift to her home and she agreed. When we arrived at her home, I helped her in with her shopping. Afterwards, she offered me coffee and I accepted. We sat on the settee and chatted away about ourselves and I learned that she had been a widow for ten years. Her daughter had moved away, but kept in touch by phone. She had a few friends, but didn't see them very often and led a pretty lonely life. She surprised me by saying she was seventy; a very attractive seventy, I felt. After about an hour, I made to leave. Feeling a bit sorry for her, I took her hand and thanked her for the coffee. Quite suddenly on an impulse, I leaned forward, placed my hand on her shoulder, and drew her towards me. I was intending to kiss her on the cheek, but she moved her head slightly and our lips met. She responded and, what was intended to be a comforting peck, turned into a long, passionate kiss. I put my arms around her and gave her a gentle hug. She seemed to melt into my arms. As I felt the warmth of her, I slowly ran my hand down her body. She was wearing stockings and a panty belt, which made me more excited. I gently caressed her private area with the back of my hand and she began to moan very softly. By this time, I could hardly contain my excitement, so I stood up and led her into the bedroom. We then moved towards the bed and when she was climbing in, she asked me to be gentle with her as she hadn't sex for ten years. I never realized a woman of her age could be so sexy. She told me that she had enjoyed the sex very much and thanked me for being so gentle with her. She then asked me to sleep with her that night, which I was glad to do. Catherine and I are now an item and we sleep together three times a week. The age difference isn't an issue as both of us are exploring more of our bodies every time we meet, and the sex is out of this world.

— Benjamin, 35

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