About Their Breakfast

We live in a big city, so we have set a guest room for our friends to save some money when visiting the city on a business trip. The fact of having our friends looking at my wife's charms turns us on. So, when a friend of ours is visiting, we manage to show her charms off. Before going to bed, she walks around the house in short nightgowns, wearing tiny panties and no bra underneath. Sometimes, she joins us in the living room to watch movies dressed like that. When in our bedroom, we share impressions about our guest's behavior and if he was really checking her out. She gets aroused and fantasizes I am him when making love. I really enjoy playing his role. She has had sex with most of our friends that way. When she considers she had great sex the previous night, I leave early to work the morning after so she can show off her charms dressed the same way while preparing coffee and having breakfast with him. Later, while driving to work, she gives me a call to tell me about their breakfast.

— Grant, 41

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